• Our manufacturer concentrates on manufacturing a premium quality product. All of the components of our unique hi-tech covers use premium materials.
  • The frames are constructed of extruded aircraft grade anodized aluminum alloy. The color of the frames is electrostatically applied. The color is not powder coated or painted on. The frames will never rust, rot, corrode or fade. Our products are truly maintenance free.
  • The “Heat Cut” poly carbonate roof panels are 250 times stronger than glass. The “Heat Cut” poly carbonate blocks 100% of the heat and UV rays, but still allow light thru. The roof panels are truly hail proof (see video below). There are no protrusions thru the poly carbonate roof panels. The roof panels are secured into place via a track system with marine grade weather striping on both sides of the poly carbonate guaranteeing a leak proof roof system.
  • All of our covers come with integral gutters built into the frame. The covers also come with matching color drain spouts with gutter clean outs.
  • All of the hardware is stainless steel. The hardware will never rot, rust corrode or fade.
  • Our covers have a wind speed rating of 85-110 MPH depending on the model.
  • Our covers have a roof load rating of 20-130 PSF depending on the model.
  • Our post are installed into concrete footings for maximum strength.
  • Below are three videos demonstrating the strength of our roof panels. One video captures our cover enduring a golf ball sized hail storm; while the other videos demonstrates the difference between plexiglass, safety glass, and Poly Carbonate (Lexan).​ The Third demonstrates the strength difference between acrylic and poly carbonate. The poly carbonate withstands a blast from a shot gun!

Our cover during a golf ball size hail storm

Strength of poly carbonate vs plexiglass and safety glass

Strength of poly carbonate vs acrylic